Smaller Gigs


Smaller projects can be an exciting and effective way to learn and grow. Smaller projects can also be a great way to learn new tools or techniques, as well as to practice problem solving and critical thinking.


It can help to build confidence and foster creativity. Plus, they can be a fun and rewarding way to explore and develop new ideas! Let’s have a look at some of them below.

Dashboard design

Wireframe of a dashboard for individual users of Pine. Pine is a decentralized non-custodial asset-backed financing protocol. The dashboard shows user’s previous actions, and current status. It has CTAs so that the user knows where to explore if he/she uses the app the first time. It also has a progress ephasizing the loans time of expiration.

Pine dashboard wireframe for

Social media guide

MeMover is a company that managed to penetrate markets all over the world with a Kickstarter campaign in 2014. But after some difficulties in 2020, they are now reconsolidating, and focusing only on the Danish market. They are still developing, but this time with more targeted key segments: Physical rehabilitation, Fitness/Health and Performance.


Our goal with this social media strategy was to increase brand recognition and online influence by creating interactive and engaging content on two main social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.


When deciding which platform should we focus on, we took into consideration two main insights. On one hand, Me-Mover mentioned that at the moment their main platform is Facebook in which they have several pages. They also created content for Instagram but according to them their target audience didn’t use it so much. On the other hand, when conducting the interviews and the survey we reaffirm that the majority of the users are active on Facebook as well as on Instagram.

Video synopsis

When asking, “What do you think about ads and commercial videos about products?” most respondents from our qualitative research had negative attitude towards it. However, some stated – “Not great, unless they are personal or stories insome way”, “Hate them. Unless they are personal”, “Don’t like being advertised to when not asked” and “Annoying. If you want something, you will look for that.”. We took the feedback and put the user on the forefront. Their need has been addressed both visually as with the inspirational voice-over, so that they feel represented, inspired and called to find out more.

Article design for web

I worked on the design of a web article to promote the Paralenz underwater camera, an underwater camera designed to help divers capture stunning underwater footage. 

Banner Design

I worked on the design of a web banner ad to promote the Paralenz underwater camera, an underwater camera designed to help divers capture stunning underwater footage. 

Banner Design for underwater camera

Testimonial Design

I worked on the design of testimonial reviews template to be displayed on Linkedin. It includes various color variations for different days.

Testimonial Design

Video Ad

Promotional ad video for an Paralenz underwater camera gear bundle.